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Ghana's housing industry harnesses about 25 million people. Ghana has a housing deficit of about 1.7 million according to the Ghana housing policy. To be able to supply the Ghana housing industry to clear this deficit, there has to be new accomodations to the miniumum of about 170,000 housing units every year for the next ten years.

Perhaps one may want to consider to contribute to this real estate economy of Ghana which is a promising business strategy looking at the demand of properties being sold and rented in Ghana.

You might want to checkout the different types of houses being built in Ghana at the moment. In Ghana, two types of houses are normally designed and built; mordern houses and traditional houses. When building these types of houses, you should consider the following factors: Location, Family Needs and Finance.

The following describes the traditional and modern types of houses built in Ghana.

Modern Housing Types in Ghana

  • Single Rooms

    Single Rooms are perfect for the lower working class, people on a tight budget and sometimes students or young adults. Single rooms are normally one-room based house. In Ghana, some single rooms are equiped with toilet and baths and some are not. Some are also built with a small porch or verander or corridor and some are not. Some are based in apartments and some are based in duplex houses or studio apartment locally called self contain houses with one dedicated single room for rent purposely for real estate business.

    Single Rooms in Ghana are normally on demand because of the higher prices of other types of houses above single rooms like 2 bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms or 4 bedrooms houses.

    Single Rooms are also built in compound-houses in Ghana. Compound houses are houses built in Ghana to handle about 5 to 10 families.

  • Chamber and Hall

Traditional Housing Types in Ghana